Women’s Haircut– $30

 Women’s Haircut & Blowout–$37

Ironwork with Blowout (flat iron/curling iron)–$2-20 extra

Men’s Haircut–$22

Beard &/or Mustache trim–$6

Child’s Haircut (up to 12 )–$15 *Junior (ages 13-17)—$22

Child’s Haircut & Blowout–(up to 12 )–$20 * Junior (ages 13-17)–$28

Bang Trim (loyal clients)–Free

Bang Trim–$10



Shampoo & Blowout or Set–$22

Ironwork with Blowout (flat iron/curling iron)-$2-20 extra

Special Occasion Style–$55 & up

Bridal Style–$70 & up



Root Color Touch-up– $35/LumiShine –$42/Goldwell

Color Change or Virgin Color to Shoulders–$65-$80

Color Change or Virgin Color past Shoulders–$80-$100

 Corrective Color–Consultation needed

Toner–$25 & up



Note: long &/or thick hair extra; price includes choice of one color

Mini Highlight–$35 (6 packets of foil)

Partial Head Highlight–$48

1/2 Head Highlight–$58

Full Head Highlight–$73

Additional colors –$10-15 per additional shade

Cap Highlight–$55



Permanent Wave (tinted &/or long hair extra)–$63-$73

Spiral Perm–$115 & up

Haircut with any Perm–$15

Keratherapy Taming System–$200 (extremely long hair may be extra) 



Regular Manicure–$20 *French Polish $5.00 extra

Polish Change-fingers–$10 *French Polish $5 extra

Naked Manicure Treatment—$22.00  This is a treatment that treats, corrects and protects the Nail : Instant Benefit: Improves appearance of damaged & discolored nails. Long Term Benefit: Improves Condition, Strength and Flexibility of the Nail with Vitamins, Proteins and Botanicals over time.

Shellac Manicure (long lasting gel polish)–$30 *French Polish $5 extra 

Soak-off Gel Polish-$10-$15   If we applied your gel polish the soak off of our product is $10. If you’ve had it applied elsewhere the soak off is $15.

Paraffin Dip for Hands with Manicure–$5

MiPedi Chairni Pedicure–$35 *French Polish $5.00 extra

Regular Spa Pedicure–$48 

Deluxe Spa Pedicure–$58 

Paraffin Dip for feet with Pedicure–$10

Polish Change-toes-$15 *French Polish $5 extra 


Eyebrows, Lip or Chin–$12

Combo- 2 Areas–$20

Combo-3 Areas–$28